Jobsite Stair Training

  Whether you are a seasoned carpenter, new to the trades, a flooring installer, a homeowner, a builder/contractor, or whatever position you are in, I can teach you how to be a better stair builder. I have worked on jobsites for over thirty years and there was one theme that I recognized over and over again. That was, meeting carpenters that were intimidated by having to take on building a set of stairs. I can help change all of that. I have worked with carpenters and homeownwers to help take the fear out of building stairs.

  I will come to your home or jobsite and show you how to build a completed set of stairs. If you only need help with figuring out how to install a newel post to the correct height, or advice on how to cut those expensive rail fittings to the right angle, I can do that too. If you're not sure where to start, I will help you with a design, maybe make some changes to the layout, put together a stock list and even supply the parts you need for the job. I work directly with many stair parts manufactureres so you won't have to wonder whether you're getting the right parts.


  Builder/Contractors: You may have an employee or two that have the carpentry skills to take their stair building to the next level. Why pay more for someone to build your stairs when I can teach them how to do it themselves. Think of the value it will bring to you as a company! How many times have you passed up a stair job because your team wasn't quite ready to take on such a task. With my help, you can get those jobs and feel confident your team will be successful!


  Flooring Contractors: I have gotten so many calls over the years from flooring contractors asking me to renovate a set of stairs where the flooring contractor was installing hardwood floors. Why give up work you can do yourself? I'll teach your team how to do their own stair work which means more value and money for your company!


  Homeowners: Not sure where to start, or just need some pointers to get you over the hump? Need help setting a newel post? Putting rails together? I can help.


   No matter what your situation I can teach your team how to:

 Cut and router and install skirt boards

 Dado and rabbet treads and risers for a secure fit

 Cut and shim stair risers

 Mark, fit and install treads

 Install posts and rails at the correct height

 Install nosings with the correct overhang

 I can help with as much or as little help as you need.

 One day, three days, one week or one month. However much time it takes to get your stairs done right!


 I can help,

 Steve Mac

 Owner, New England Stair Works


 Contact me if you are interested in taking stair building to the next level!


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